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View Octagon With Different Length Sides Pictures. The measure of angles, the perimeter and area. Both diameters result from a regular octagon, in which each side is equal in length and each angle between two intersecting sides measures 135 degrees.

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The radius of the circumcircle is the same as the length of the equal sides of the isosceles. Construct a regular octagon given the length a of one of its sides. These sides may be of different lengths.

A special type of parallelogram in which all four sides are the same length, like a irregular quadrilateral:

In geometry, we have studied different types of polygon shapes such as triangle, square a regular octagon has all its sides equal in length. Each triangle and each of the angles are different from each other. However, we can use logic to tell us that in a regular octagon we will have three different lengths of diagonals. Again, the rectangles come in different sizes and we can draw them at an angle if we want.

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